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Goodbye my sis

Yeah, I know you hate the fucking truth, but now it’s better that you listen… So sit down and read this words on this sheet, do you even know that I’m your sister? Where were you when I cried at your feet? When I needed you to help me out my bleed? I know you’re with your ‘new family’, sis… But you don’t know how much mommy is missing her kid. She wrote a letter but you don’t give a shit and I didn’t knew better so I took the blame on myself. But now it’s time to change, I give you the blame and what you do with it is your own business. I don’t care if you will not make it good with me but I want to know one thing, have you ever loved me? Don’t you miss your mom and dad? Are you so bad? Why did you leave me? You said you got away for a while but you lied to me sis… Everytime you made me cry with a hope in my smile that you’ll return with us but now I’m older and I know that you’re not coming back. I'll stop hoping for you and I’ll return to live my own life. Goodbye my sister, I see you when it’s our time…

© Janis Di Dato


Een gedicht van mij in het Engels, geen exacte datum van bekend maar is zeker al ouder dan 4 jaar.

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